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We love when listeners write to us with feedback, comments, questions and contributions!

Eventually, we’ll have some kind of nifty contact form and dropbox set up here, but for now, please feel free to leave a comment below or email Ali directly at: meadowsweet.myrrh [at]!

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  1. July 29, 2011 9:52 am

    Hi Alison and Jeff,

    What part of the Burg are you from? I graduated from Upper St. Clair High after moving there in the middle of my sophomore year, and then I went to Pitt after that. Now I live in what I think of as the Belly of the Beast: Washington DC. I work for the department of homeland security as a writer whose job it is to convince congress to keep funding us while meanwhile I secretly hope congress will shut us down.

    Your podcast helps keep me sane at work. I thought I’d weigh in on the cat situation: I have two. One Fanny, the 6-pound gray princess, only has two moods: Totally relaxed and totally stressed out. And my cat would add a third: “helpful.” (A psychic friend told me one time that when Fanny sits on my lap blocking my hands from using the laptop, she believes she’s assisting me.) Toby (a 12-pound black hulking boxer of a cat) has a little more nuance. There’s “I’m plotting to destroy you,” “I’m plotting to sneak out of the house,” “sleepy,” and “If you don’t feed me this instant I’ll claw your face off.”

    I actually foster baby kittens for a no-kill cat shelter. I would encourage your listeners to find out ways to do that in their area if babies are of interest to them. the deal is that kill shelters can only keep cats for a certain number of days before chopping block day, which means certain death for nursing babies because they wouldn’t be old enough to leave their mama by chopping block day. My shelter takes those cases out of the county shelters and puts them in a foster environment, which makes the babies super cuddly and affectionate. Not to mention, baby kittens are way better than cable.

    I loved your discussion about reading to each other in the evenings. I’m single, so I have to rely on audiobooks, but I’ve completely given up reading with my eyes, except for the drivel I have to edit at work, but that doesn’t count anyway.

    Wishing you all the success on your podcast, and hoping you’ll talk about what Paganism actually means for those of us who were taught it as a pejorative term.


  2. September 21, 2011 5:14 pm

    Hello Alison and Jeff,

    I just started episode 5 and wanted to let you know you can add 1 to your count of listeners. So far, I have really enjoyed your show and hope you keep doing them.

    Thank you,

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