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FF&C Episode 3 – Happy (Belated!) Earth Day

April 25, 2012

Welcome to our last Sneak Peek Pro episode of Faith, Fern & Compass, where every day is Earth Day. In Episode 003 – Happy (Belated) Earth Day!, we celebrate the Earth as our mother and our home, taking a look back at the origins of the holiday and how it’s evolved over the past 42 years from a national teach-in to a global call to community action. We review DisneyNature’s recent documentary, Chimpanzee, and explore some of the ways that individual ecological awareness finds mutual support in community action and system change. In the Pro extension, we share a few of the ways that we celebrate Earth Day as a spiritual holiday of sacred connection with our beautiful, fragile planet.

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Faith, Fern & Compass Pro – Another Free Preview!

April 18, 2012

This week, enjoy a sneak peek of Faith, Fern & Compass Pro in a special preseason episode exploring the spiritual practice of silence in an age of noise and fury. In Preseason Episode 2 – The Spaciousness of Quiet, we explore the “unwanted sounds of everything we want” and why contemplative silence plays such an important role in cultivating a spiritual relationship with the natural world in an age of technological progress and digital distraction.

But first! Some exciting news: Faith, Fern & Compass is now available on iTunes! Remember, only one more episode will appear here as part of Dining with Druids, and then you’ll only be able to get all our crunchy goodness from FF&C. So don’t forget to check out the new website and subscribe to our new iTunes feed!

To sweeten the deal, we’re sharing discount codes for fans who want to sign up for our Pro Membership (available soon!). But you need to listen close, and play to win!

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Thanks, everyone, for being such wonderful, supportive fans! Your enthusiasm and love is what gave us the encouragement we needed to take this whole podcasting thing to the next level. You guys rock!

Faith, Fern & Compass Sneak Peek!

April 12, 2012

Enjoy a sneak peek of our new podcast, Faith, Fern & Compass, as we explore nature spirituality in the digital age in Preseason Episode 1 – The Stories We Live. Tonight, we talk about a new approach to the four elements, we share a glimpse into the connection between ecopsychology and global warming, we share some creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, and we delve into the secret lives of bees and how understanding our buzzing friends can help us unlock the mysteries of the human brain and maybe even modern politics! We also have a special treat to wrap up the show – so be sure to stick around.

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Episode 10 – Celestial Seesaw

March 20, 2012

Welcome to Episode 10 of Dining with Druids! We’re your hosts, Alison and Jeff Lilly.

In tonight’s episode, “Celestial Seesaw“, Ali and Jeff take a deep breath and plunge back into podcasting after a crazy-busy seven month hiatus, reflecting on the sacred pause of the equinox and sharing a few stories about their wedding (woot!), their cross-country move (woosh!) and their volunteer work as naturalists-in-training with the Seattle (woohoo!). Ali ponders the future of Paganism in a post-church world while using inappropriately awkward sports metaphors, and Jeff makes a few exquisitely bad jokes that you won’t want to miss. We also announce our new podcast project and how you can get involved and help support your favorite rude Drudes!

Mentioned in tonight’s episode:

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for exciting changes to come!

DwD on Hiatus!

October 28, 2011

Turns out, getting married does not magically make our to-do list shorter!

We finally tied the knot in September and enjoyed a beautiful honeymoon among the canyons and cacti of Utah and New Mexico in early October, only to return home to a slew of family birthdays and the news that we’ll be moving across the country in February due to changes in Jeff’s job situation.

Plus, the holiday season is upon us — Samhain, Thanksgiving, the winter solstice, oh my!

So we’ve decided to officially put DwD on hiatus for the time being. We began this little podcast as an experiment in having fun, and it’s been a pleasure to share our snark and laughter with you. We’re so glad you enjoy listening to DwD as much as we enjoy making it!

We plan to be back sometime after Imbolc. We hope you’ll stick around! Until then, have a glorious autumn and a gorgeous winter — and keep that rude dinner conversation alive.